2017 The Year of The Hat

It seems like 2017 is starting off as being the year of the hat for me! Apparently I’m on a major hat kick! So far I’ve knitted three hats, Stephen West’s Brio-garter hat, The Pussy hat which is a free hat pattern by Kat Coyle, and the Antler Hat design, also free, by Tin Can Knits. I have to say that knitting all three of hats is incredibly satisfying. I really like how quickly  you can get a hat done, its so fulfilling. Each one of these patterns ended up being really well written and I had a lot of fun making them. I have yet to encounter a bad hat pattern in 2017; lets hope that trend continues throughout the year.

Brio-Garter hat Stephen West

So, the first hat I have pictured here is the incredible Brio-Garter hat by Mr. Stephen West. This hat was really fun to make. It took me about three days because I dropped all the other projects I was working on to make this hat. I was a really easy pattern. It was my first time knitting brioche, so I had a good friend sit down with me and teach me how.  Then,  I practiced knitting it on scrap yarn before I started the hat until I was fully confident.  I think this was a good idea because knitting brioche is something of a process.  Now it comes as naturally as riding a bike!  I also think it is easier to learn how to knit brioche on the round, so this makes an excellent first brioche project!


I really like that the brim of the hat is picked up from an I-cord. Although the hardest part of this hat was probably keeping up with the 100 sts  I-cord cast on! But it was well worth it for the result. My Brio-garter hat is super slouchy! The original pattern has you using size US8 needles to obtain a gauge of 18 sts per 4ins. The yarn I used was Hedgehog fibers Aran Merino, colorway Hush and Monet. I used size US6 needles to get a gauge of 16 sts per 4ins. Therefore, my brio-garter hat came out super slouchy! But I am the type of person who prefers super slouchy hats, so that was okay for me. But for a less slouchy hat I would probably go down to size US5 needles.


I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the color combination I chose for this hat. I think pairing Hedgehog’s Monet yarn and Hush yarn is a winning color combination. I love the light pastel quality the hat has, with the exciting orange speckles hidden throughout the hat. I can’t wait to knit more brio-garter hats.


The second hat project I made was the Pussy Hat project. As I’m sure everyone has heard, the pussy hat project is where knitters make a pussy hat and send them to anyone who is participating in the Women’s March on Washington. The pattern has details on where to send donated hats, but most of the people I know that are making them either to give to friends and family that are going to the march, or going themselves. Personally, I am going to try and go myself. As a lover of knitting, and a passionate feminist, I was ecstatic to make this hat! I was a little concerned with looking silly wearing kitty ears, but I figured the cause was more important. I used a variation of the original pussy hat pattern, using the Kitkat Hat pattern for instructions on how to knit this hat in the round. This pattern is free and you can find it by clicking here. I found that those instructions were the easiest to use. I ended up using two different yarns for my hat,  Hikoo Simpli Worsted colorway Ripe Raspberry and Rowan Kid Silk Haze colorway Candy Girl. I held the two pink yarns together; Hikoo Simpli yarn for the body of the hat and the fuzzy laces weight yarn Rowan Kid Silk for additional fuzziness. I was so happy with how this hat turned out. I actually wear it everywhere, and don’t feel silly. I really love the  fuzziness of it, and now I try to add that to every hat I make. I also love the bright pink color, I think pink is possibly my favorite color.


The Antler hat by Tin Can Knits is another free pattern that is absolutely lovely. As with all Tin Can Knits patterns, it is expertly written with easy to follow instructions. As with my pussy hat, I used a fuzzy lace weight yarn and held it with a worsted weight yarn for body. The heather purple color is absolutely  beautiful. Now I made this hat for my dad, and he requested an extra long brim. So instead of making a 2 inch 1×1 ribbing, I made a 4 inch 1×1 ribbing, and I made the body of the hat shorter, knitting the antler pattern only 4 times over instead of the suggested 9 times over. I think that this pattern looks really cool for a hat, and I also think the cable is really easy too do, and possibly a good way to introduce yourself to cabling.

Brim of hat folded in half for picture

So who else is out there making winter hats? Please comment or message and let me know! Follow me and Share if you care.


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